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PTD - Post-Tension Design

Post-Tension Foundation Systems
Design, Drafting and Detailing

PTD provides professional third party designs
directly to the developer/builder to be placed
out to bid for competitive installation and
reinforcing materials.

Post-Tension Design has over 25 years experience within the Post-Tension Slab-On-Grade Design industry. We have worked with contractors and material suppliers, and have first hand knowledge of specific cost saving installation and material techniques, that most wood framing engineers have not experienced. Our designs are detailed oriented, and created for a broad base of capable Post-Tension cable installation companies.

Boom Pump Pouring Concrete
Boom Pump Pouring Concrete

For years our services have been utilized by many of the industries structural engineers.  However, it is ultimately the developer/builder that can benefit the most from our expertise.  Working directly with the design team early in the initial design stages of the project, can determine the most efficient style of slab construction to best meet the specific needs of the clients site conditions.  We can determine, along with the soils engineers evaluation of the site, whether PT or conventional reinforcing would be in their best interest.  We can create preliminary de- sign scenarios for price comparison and evaluation prior to final design documents.  We can meet the demanding deadlines for submittals, without having to defer the submittal of the foundation design. 
Our design product is trusted and respected within the construction community, by both contractors and other design team members.

Please feel free to forward our information to any client who is currently in

need of a slab-on-grade foundation, and would like to explore all of their

design options.


Clark Crump, PTD